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Welcome to the ng-facebook-api

Facebook API wrapper for AngularJS, you don't have to worry about the configuration and working principles of Facebook JS SDK, you have only to code using our API.

Ready and easy to use.


The module is now under developing, in the next weeks the module will be completed and we're going to put online the official docs.


  1. Download the library clicking here or use bower install ng-facebook-api
  2. Include Facebook JS SDK, only the SDK not the initialization window.fbAsyncInit and FB.init
  3. Modify your application inject the ng-facebook-api
  4. In your application config, you must setup the facebookProvider with your Facebook App settings. The settings are used in FB.init
  5. If your app uses extra permissions that require user approval, set in your config. You can set permissions also in the controller, obviously before using login.

Here an example of configuration:

     .config(function( facebookProvider) {
        * Here the list of params used to configure the provider
        * @param appId
        * @param status
        * @param xfbml
        * @param cookie
        * @param api-version
     //if your app use extra permissions set it

Important: You must include the JS SDK in your <head> or in method .run(function(){}) of angular app.


The provider permits to have an easy access to the most used api (like user info retriving, avatar, etc..) but it also permits, thanks to api method, to used all methods of Graph API.

Every methods check the login status and if user isn't logged, it launches the login procedure. Anyway the provider has public methods login and checkLoginStatus to implement your custom flows.

Check SDK Loading

In your controller listen on the $rootScope the event fb.init

module.controller('MainCtrl', function ($rootScope,$scope, facebook) {
        console.log("SDK Ready");

Run the method

Run the method that you need. For instance: getUser to obtain available user information.

module.controller('MainCtrl', function ($rootScope,$scope, facebook) {
        console.log("SDK Ready");
            console.log(r.user); //User data returned;
            console.log(r.authResponse); //Token auth, id etc..
        }, function(err){
            console.log("Ops, something went wrong...");



The official docs wiki is here


  • API_METHOD | The HTTP method that you can use to call the api.
  • PICTURE_TYPE | When you get user profile image use this to indicate a pre-specified size of picture.




First stable version.

Next Version

Version: 0.2.0

Estimated release: 22-26 Oct 2014

  • Minor bug fixing
  • Add cache for the methods that wrap api method.
  • New easy method:
    • getUserFeed() -> It fetches user feed post.
    • getUserPhotos() -> It gets user's photos.
    • createPost() -> It permits to post on user's feed.


This project is released over MIT license


Lorenzo Bertacchi